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Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

The Takshashila Institution’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) programme aims to equip dynamic Indians with knowledge, skills and exposure to public policy. The 12-week programme provides a firm understanding of the fundamentals of public policy and governance and enables participants to apply them in their professional lives and political discourse. The programme is designed to prepare participants to better engage in the public arena, as analysts, public officials, leaders or indeed, as active citizens. It is primarily delivered online with two weekend policy workshops, often in Bangalore.

The programme is designed to be taken from anywhere in the world, and while working.

Apply by 10th January 2019 for the January—April 2019 cohort of the GCPP.


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Outcomes that matter

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) Programme equips students with the knowledge of the policymaking process and the factors that influence it. They will acquire skills required to analyse policy in their own context and apply this understanding to their personal, professional and political goals. More »

Learning from the best

The faculty is drawn from Takshashila Institution's international network of academic experts, practitioners and experienced professionals, making for an innovative, exciting and inspiring curriculum that both addresses the basics of the discipline as well as teaches skills that can be readily applied while engaging in public affairs. More »

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Who should take this course

The GCPP Programme is primarily designed for citizens who want to take an active, more informed role in public affairs. It is open to qualifying individuals from any sector, discipline or occupation. The programme meets the needs of those engaging in, or seeking to engage in a broad range of professions ranging from the media, civil service, non-government organisations, law, advocacy, regulatory affairs and international business. Individuals and organisations engaged in consulting, social services, public health, economic development and international development will benefit from this programme. A small number of junior studentships is available for promising undergraduate students who can add value to the class. More »

Schedule and Structure

The GCPP Programme consists of a 12-week blended learning programme. Most of the programme is conducted remotely using an online Learning Management System. To successfully complete the programme and receive a certificate a student must:
- Complete the three core courses
- Participate in the two weekend contact workshops
- Pass a composite final examination

Students who complete all other requirements but are unable to attend both workshops will receive a Citation of Completion of Studies instead of the Certificate. Students can attend workshops with future batches in case they miss one. More »

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Spring cohort: January – April 2019

Early applicant advantage: 10 December 2018
Application Deadline: 10 January 2019
Programme Commences:19 January 2019

Summer cohort: May – July 2019

Early applicant advantage: 22 March 2019
Application Deadline: 22 April 2019
Programme Commences: 4 May 2019

Winter cohort: September – December 2019

Early applicant advantage: 9 July 2019
Application deadline: 28 August 2019
Programme Commences: 7 September 2019


Disclaimer: The GCPP Programme is not approved by UGC, AICTE or any other government authority. At this time is not officially recognised as a qualification for government employment.

Kindly read our terms and conditions before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions that you should refer to before applying or contacting us. More »

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