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Varun Karekurve Ramachandra

Varun K Ramachandra is a public policy analyst at the Takshashila Institution. Before working in public policy, Varun had stints in mobile advertising and management consulting.

Varun is educated at Takshashila Institution, King's College London and The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.  His work has appeared in Economic and Political Weekly, Pragati- The Indian National Interest Review, The Wire, Business Standard, NDTV, and Prajavani.

To contact Varun, please drop a note to firstname[at]takshashila[dot]org[dot]in

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  • "Karnataka's Changing Fiscal Landscape - Finances after FFC" (co-authored with Pranay Kotasthane), Economic and Political Weekly, August 2016 [link]
  • "Impact of Fourteenth Finance Commission"(co-authored with Pranay Kotasthane), Economic and Political Weekly, November 2015 [link]

Review essays

  • "Imperialism - Past and Present" by Emanuele Saccarelli and Latha Varadarajan, The Wire, June 2016[link]
  • "Deeping India-Japan Relations in the Asian Century" edited by Rohan Mukherjee and Anthony Yazaki, Business Standard, April 2016[link]
  • "China-Pakistan Axis: Asia's New Geopolitics" by Andrew Small, Business Standard, January 2016[link]
  • "Perspectives on India's Defence Offset Policy" edited by ManMohan S Sodhi & Rajiv Bhargava, Business Standard, July 2015 [link]
  • "Modi's World" by C Raja Mohan, Business Standard, June 2015 [link]
  • "A Theory of Censorship", Pragati - The Indian National Interest Review, May 2015 [link]
  • "10 Judgements that changed India" by Zia Mody, Pragati - The Indian National Interest Review, March 2015, [link]

Contribution towards edited volumes

  • "Distance From Delhi",  Takshashila Institution Press, December 2015.(Amazon)

Opinion and Op-ed

  • ಎಲ್ಲ ಸಾಲಗಳೂ ಕೆಟ್ಟವಲ್ಲ!(co-authored with Pranay Kotasthane), March 2016 [Link][English version]
  • State budget: Time to set its priorities right co-authored with Pranay Kotasthane), March 2016 [link]
  • ಡಿಆರ್‌ಡಿಒ: ಉದ್ದೇಶ ಸಫಲವೇ? (co-authored with Nitin Pai), Prajavani, September 2015 [link][English version]
  • स्वदेशीकरण के नाम पर 'रक्षा क्षेत्र को बट्टा (co-authored with Nitin Pai), BBC Hindi, September 2015 [Link][English version]
  • ದೇಶಕ್ಕಾದ ನಷ್ಟ ಗೊತ್ತೇ, Prajavani, August 2015 [Link][Link to image][English version]
  • "Wrong to charge extra for WhatsApp Calls" (co-authored with Pavan Srinath), NDTV, July 2015 [link]


  • Judgements That Changed India - K M Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra, June 2016, with Madhav Chandavarkar. (Soundcloud)
  • Women in India's Constituent Assembly. June 2016, with Priyadarshini Ravichandran (Soundcloud)
  • Brexit: Should Indians Care? May 2016, with Anupam Manur (Soundcloud)
  • Should Delhi Become a Full State? May 2016, with Pavan Srinath (Soundcloud)
  • Karnataka State Budget, April 2016, with Pavan Srinath, Pranay Kotasthane, and Shikha Pathak (Soundcloud)