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Pranay Kotasthane

Pranay Kotasthane heads the geostrategy programme at the Takshashila Institution.

Pranay started his career as a policy analyst focusing on geopolitics at the Takshashila Institution in March 2014. His research interests focus on geostrategy, geopolitics of the Indian subcontinent, public policy, economic reasoning and urban issues.

Pranay graduated from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal with a B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication. Thereafter, he had a stint of seven years with two Fortune 500 companies working on design of integrated chips for mobile processors.

Pranay is an alumnus of the Graduate Course in Public Policy, Takshashila's flagship education programme. He was conferred with the Gomtibai Govindji Award for being the best student of his batch.

Pranay teaches topics in public policy at Takshashila. He also works on the curriculum design for GCPP. He contributes opinion pieces in Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review, Business Standard and Citizen Matters. He also blogs on the Indian National Interest platform and Pramaanik. He has also written opinion pieces for The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Prajavani, Mint and Mumbai Mirror.

As part of the Bhasha project, Pranay writes a blog series on Logos explaining concepts of economic reasoning and public policy in Hindi.

To contact Pranay, please drop a note on the Contact Us page, or reach him directly on Twitter.

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