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  • Head, Strategy and Programmes

Pavan Srinath

Pavan Srinath is the head of strategy and programmes at the Takshashila Institution. He is also Fellow at the Centre for Smart City Governance at Takshashila.

He started his career in public policy five years ago by working on urban policy, migration and climate change adaptation at Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore. Pavan joined Takshashila after a brief stint at Arghyam, Bangalore where he worked on urban water and sanitation, including groundwater. His research interests focus on the intersection of science, cities and policy, and includes urban governance, climate, public health, public finance, space exploration and defence economics.

Coming from an academic background in the biosciences from the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, Pavan trained in public policy at Takshashila. He has co-authored peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Molecular Biology and Journal of International Migration and Integration, two books The State of Our Cities: Evidence from Karnataka (OUP 2012) and Changing the Urban Face of Karnataka (PAC 2012) along with several research papers and articles.

Pavan teaches topics in public policy, urban governance and data visualisation at Takshashila. He contributes opinion pieces in Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review, Business Standard, Times of India, Mint, The Hindu and Citizen Matters. He also blogs the Indian National Interest platform and Know Your Climate.

To contact Pavan, please drop a note on the Contact Us page, or reach him directly on Twitter.

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