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M R Madhavan

M R Madhavan is the President and co-founder of PRS Legislative Research, a public policy think tank, which aims to make the legislative process in India more transparent, better informed and participatory. PRS provides analytical support to MPs and State Legislative Assemblies to help them make informed decisions.

Madhavan has been invited to testify on important bills like Civil Nuclear Liability Bill (CNLB) and Lokpal Bill by the Parliament Standing Committees. Dr Madhavan is a fellow from IIM Kolkata, after pursuing an MBA from there and holds a B.Tech Degree from IIT Madras.

Before PRS, he was the Senior Strategist for the Asia region for the Bank of America. He also was a Gurukul Chevening Scholar from the London School of Economics. M R Madhavan teaches (PP 211) Constitutional Structure & amp; Policymaking for the Post Graduate programme in Public Policy.