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  • Programme Manager

Devika Kher

Devika is a Programme Manager for the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy. She is also a Policy Analyst at the Takshashila Institution. Her areas of research focus are urban governance and public finance. She has worked on topics ranging from the role of markets within Indian States, dubbing in kannada film industry, unaccounted income, pension schemes and the smart cities mission.

Devika has been a contributing author for Takshashila's in-house publication, Distance From Delhi: Essays on Geopolitics, Economics and Public Policy. She has also authored a chapter on Muslim street food in India, in a book Mumbai – Socio-Cultural Perspectives: Contribution of Ethnic Groups and CommunitiesShe blogs frequently on Takshashila’s blogging platforms and is a regular contributor to India National Interest.

Devika holds a undergraduate and a Master's degree in Economics from Sophia College for Women and University of Mumbai respectively.

Devika tweets at @DevikaKher and write on Medium at @DevikaKher.

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