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Executive Programmes

The Takshashila Executive Programmes on Public Policy (TEP3) are specially designed courses for leaders, managers, analysts and professionals in public, private and non-profit sectors who deal with public affairs. Takshashila's executive programmes are conducted in partnership with public (civilian and defence) agencies and private corporations. These programmes are custom-designed for members of partner organisations.

TEP3s re-conceptualise India’s role in the face of profound geopolitical and geoeconomic changes on the one hand, and on its own transformation on the other. They aim to create shared understanding and awareness of India’s national interests among the most influential segments of Indian society and jointly develop methods to secure them.

The programme for each TEP3 is customised for the particular learning objectives and schedule of the class, and can be conducted both in a workshop format and as a series of web-based seminars with extra online content, structured readings, assignments and more.

Takshashila has previously conducted executive training programmes for the Tata group, Edelman India, National Maritime Foundation, Practice PR and others.

In 2015 we offer the following TEP3 Programmes, apart from bespoke offerings for interested organisations:

TEP3-31 Improving Public Outcomes in the Social Sector
Organisations working in the social sector today operate in a complex policy environment straddling geographies, communities, political systems, economic models and the global commons.

Improving Public Outcomes in the Social Sector, a Takshashila Executive Programme in Public Policy (TEP3) is designed to provide a firm understanding of the fundamentals of public policy and equip leaders, programme managers, activists and analysts to be more effective in their social sector initiatives.

The programme is highly relevant for philanthropic and charitable foundations who wish to achieve better public outcomes from the organisations that they support. It strengthens managerial and advocacy capacity in non-governmental organisations and public organisations.

TEP3-21 Public Policy Foundations for Credible Advocacy
Today's businesses operate in a complex global policy environment straddling geographies, political systems, economic models and global commons.

Public Policy Foundations for Credible Advocacy, a Takshashila Executive Programme is designed to provide a firm understanding of the fundamentals of public policy and governance and enable participants to apply them in their professional lives.

The programme is also designed to help participants become more effective and more credible advocates of change in public affairs.

TEP3-22 Public Policy Foundations for International Business
Doing business across the world requires skills beyond business management, regulatory compliance and cultural knowledge. Dealing effectively with governments, civil societies, media and other public stakeholders is a source of vital competitive advantage.

Public Policy Foundations for International Business, equips corporate managers and professionals with skills to navigate the complex global public policy scenarios. It covers contemporary political systems, regulatory affairs, corporate diplomacy, security and high-stakes negotiations.

Our executive programmes are usually offered through employers or partner organisations. Contact us for more details.