Executive Programme in Strategic Government Engagement | The Takshashila Institution

Businesses today operate in a complex global and national policy environment straddling geographies, technologies and complex regulatory frameworks. Actively engaging with a diverse set of stakeholders including numerous government departments, regulators, civil society groups, media, etc and the public at large is increasingly important for securing business interests.

Takshashila’s Executive Programme on Strategic Government Engagement, is designed to equip senior management professionals with a firm understanding of fundamental issues in corporate affairs, decision making in government, compliance and crisis management.

The programme also provides skills in analysing and shaping narratives in managing important stakeholders and in developing leadership for credible public advocacy and corporate strategy.

Download the full Brochure [PDF 423 KB]

Who should take the course?
1. Senior executives in strategy, business development, technology and regulatory relations.
2. Managers of industries that operate across territories, jurisdictions and challenging politico-economic environments.
3. Management consultants, compliance professionals, chartered accountants and lawyers.
4. Marketing, communications and PR professionals.

Course Fees and Schedule
The fees for Executive Programme on Strategic Government Engagement are Rs. 50,000/- plus taxes per participant.
The course will take place in July 2015 and the last date for application is June 10, 2015.

The course will be conducted over four weekends in July 2015 in Bangalore, with two core modules on each Saturday and group exercises on two Sundays. Modules include stakeholder analysis, deconstructing government, compliance, ethics, political risk analysis and crisis management.

Apply for the course by leaving a message on the contact form with the subject, "Executive Programme in Strategic Government Engagement".

Download the full Brochure [PDF 423 KB]