Bringing Back India's Most Wanted

Nirav Modi joins a long list of accused economic offenders who need to be brought to face justice in India. Criminals like Dawood Ibrahim are also currently beyond the reach of Indian law.

Learn what it takes to bring back people who are most highly wanted in India. Take this short online course to study the law & order challenges with bringing back fugitives to face justice in India.

India has extradition treaties with 38 countries, but this is not enough. With a number of fugitives in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and elsewhere, it is more relevant now than ever to revisit the Extradition Act, 1962 and treaties signed with various countries to understand the complexity of our extradition policy.

Join us in this Cogitatum -- a short online course, and learn more about India’s extradition policy and understand the challenges faced in the process. The course will involve 3 online lectures over two weeks, and an online discussion forum where participants can brainstorm ideas.

Admissions for the course Bringing Back India’s Most Wanted are open till Tuesday March 13, 2018. The course starts on Wednesday March 14, 2018.

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Faculty: Amb. Latha Reddy, Mr V Balachandran, and Dr Priya Pillai

The Cogitatum will be conducted from March 14 to March 21, 2018

Series Schedule

  • Theme 1- How did India get Abu Salem back? by Amb. Latha Reddy: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 8:00 pm IST
  • Theme 2- Understanding the legal environment around extradition by Dr Priya Pillai: Saturday, March 17, 2018, 9:00 am IST
  • Theme 3- Understanding the extradition process by Mr V Balachandran: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 8:00 pm IST
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Programme Features

Cogitatum is a series of short online courses on emerging public policy issues. Cogitatum helps participants go beyond news cycles and rhetoric and get to the heart of complex topics. It is a 2-4 week online series designed to provide a nuanced take on one ongoing policy issue.

A joint brainstorm and solution-oriented, the series allows participants to deep-dive into a current topic through live webinars with experts and comprehensive readings on the topic.

Application Process

Admissions for the fourth Cogitatum on Bringing Back India's Most Wanted will be open till March 13, 2018. The course commences from March 14, 2018.

Students will be eligible for the certificate if they complete an online assignment at the end of series.


The fees for Cogitatum is ₹999 + 18% GST.
The fee covers expenses for accessing Takshashila Institution's Learning Management Suite which includes curated readings, in-house frameworks and webinars.

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If you have any queries regarding Cogitatum, please write to:

CaptureAbout Cogitatum

The Cogitatum series of short courses on emerging issues and policies. Cogitatum courses help participants go beyond the news cycle and get to the heart of complex topics. It is a 2-4 week online series designed to provide a nuanced take on one ongoing policy issue.

The Cogitatum series is designed such that it can be taken from anywhere and by anyone. The series creates an opportunity to start a conversation between smart minds and experts from across the world. In doing so, it helps create intelligent citizens, practitioners and policymakers. The previous Cogitatum programmes were on Understanding Xi Jinping's China: An Indian Perspective and Understanding Rohingya Crisis and India’s Migration Policy, and Unpacking India's Government Budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to attend all webinars to get the certificate?

No, you do not have to attend all the webinars. We will provide recordings of the webinar after the live session. You will be eligible for the certificate only if you successfully complete the assignment at the end of the Cogitatum. This assignment will be in the form of a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) or an essay question. That said, we strongly insist that you do not skip any webinars in order to extract maximum value.

Is the Cogitatum just a set of webinars?

No, as a part of Cogitatum, you will also be added to a Flock Team where you can cogitate i.e. you can reflect, comment, and interact with the fellow students and faculty even after the webinars. All readings will also be posted here.
Once you have completed the admission process, you will get an e-mail with the details on how to access Flock.

Can this series be taken by someone without being familiar with the topic?

Yes, we have designed the Cogitatum such that the students do not need a background on the topic. Anyone interested in the topic can cogitate.

How will the series be taught?

The Cogitatum will be held completely online. The live webinars by our faculty will serve as pointers to help you explore more about the topic under discussion. At the end of the Cogitatum participants will have to complete an online assignment to be eligible for the certificate.

What happens after the webinars are over? 

You remain a part of the Flock Team and you can continue the discussions on the topic with the fellow students and the experts. You will also continue to have access to the readings shared on the topic.

Will I have access to any learning material?

Yes, you would be provided reading material after every webinar to help you dig deeper on the topic covered in the webinar. The reading material will mostly be in the form of one to two online readings like research papers, articles etc.

Whom do I contact with my doubts about the Cogitatum?

Please write to:

We will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your query.

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